Post-Retirement Jobs

A major demographic issue for India in the 21st century is the ageing population with wide implications for economy and society. With the advancement in medical science, life expectancy of people has increased, but the retirement age still stands at 60 (in most organizations). Upon attaining the age of 60 years, irrespective of whether the person wishes to continue working or is capable of working, he / she is compulsorily retired, leaving them with lesser sources to generate income.

Unlike in developed countries, where the social security systems and health services take care of the retired elderly, the resources in India, both from the government and the private sectors are very limited to provide the senior citizens basic benefits like healthcare, food, housing and economic security. In India, only 10 per cent of retired employees get pension from the government / former employers and the other 90 per cent are forced to survive on their savings which often get exhausted within a few years of retirement. Thus, post-retirement, elders often end up depending on their children or other family members for financial help.

Nightingales Jobs 60+ was established to provide a financially independent life for healthy and employable retired elders by enabling them to re-enter the job market or become self-employed.

A comprehensive program with dedicated and well trained faculty, our training in computers, tally and skill based vocation helps thousands of elders reignite the lost spark and reinvent a second career for themselves to live a life of dignity and empowerment. 

NEF enables Senior Citizens to start their second careers

Digital Literacy

The world today has moved towards a digital age. In these times all transactions in our lives right from banking, taxation, travel booking to personal interactions like emailing, whatsapp etc. expect a person to have basic knowledge and understanding of computers and smartphones. But how much can our elders cope up to this change?

For the younger generation, computer skills are part of their school education or learnt by practice. But many senior citizens who did not get an opportunity to learn computers feel inadequate, confused and isolated in a world that takes this knowledge for granted.

Training in computers is necessary for senior citizens as it helps them take care of their day to day interactions and activities. Learning new skills at an older age is challenging, but at the same time it is empowering and boosts the confidence level of the seniors.

Nightingales Jobs 60+ provides training in computers and smartphones for senior citizens in Bangalore. Trainers with excellent academic background as well as teaching experience train senior citizens. The training program that includes both theory and practical sessions are taught at a pace that elders are comfortable with and in a way that allows them to learn easily.

Computer Training for Elders

Job Fairs

According to reports, 8.6 per cent of India’s 121 crore population are Senior Citizens. Yet, unfortunately, 90% of the elderly are not covered under any social security scheme forcing them to depend on their meager savings and children for their sustenance.

However, the encouraging truth is that many elders in the age group of 60-70 years are physically fit, re-employable and eager to earn their livelihood.

To provide an avenue for senior citizens to get suitable jobs, Nightingale Empowerment Foundation conducts Job Fairs to connect employers to Senior job seekers. Nightingales Job60 Plus’s Job Fairs have been providing thousands of retired elderly in Bangalore, another chance at employment.

More than 7000 senior citizens have registered for 7 job fairs conducted thus far. Over 300 employers have offered jobs and around 2700 seniors have been successfully re-employed.

Nightingales Jobs 60+ runs annual job fairs for Senior Citizens

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