Nightingales Jobs 60+ is a project of Nightingales Medical Trust. This Project aims at improving the quality of economically insecure older persons by enhancing their skills and fitness and facilitating job opportunities. Elders, 60 to 70 years of age, in dire need of jobs are identified. Their functional and intellectual capabilities and needs are assessed and classified. For those, who cannot work in offices, we impart vocational training in tailoring, making of candles, greeting cards, eco products such as paper bags, arecanut plates and cups, eatables like chocolates, pickles etc.

All the training and placement services rendered at Jobs 60+ are free of cost.  

Team NMT

Nightingales Medical Trust

Nightingales Medical Trust is a professionally managed not-for-profit organization based in Bengaluru working for the well-being of the elderly since 1998. The Trust strives to strengthen family bonds and promote community-based support systems, and provides a system of affordable and accessible services, thereby setting new trends in age care. The Trust works towards the welfare of Senior Citizens through various innovative projects focussing on Dementia Care, Active and Healthy Ageing, Elder Abuse, Social Integration, Empowerment and Capacity Building.


Nightingale Empowerment Foundation

Nightingale Empowerment Foundation (NEF), is a not- for- profit organization established under Indian Trust Act 1982. It was registered in April 2012 and is based in Bangalore. The vision of the Foundation is ensuring a life of dignity to senior citizens in India by economically empowering them through training and promoting job opportunities.

NEF, promoted by Nightingales Medical Trust, is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising of committed professionals. In order to give a nationwide coverage to this unique effort, NEF has been established as a separate entity. It will partner with like minded organizations in other parts of India. 

VISION: To ensure a life of dignity for Senior Citizens by empowering them through job-oriented training, digital literacy and promoting post-retirement employment.

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