Retirement used to mean the end of your working life. But having a job during one's senior years is now becoming increasingly common. You can work after retirement—maybe you want to meet a financial need, remain productive, stand on your own feet, or explore a career you've always dreamed about but never had the chance to really try out before. Or maybe you've heard that, as you grow older, having a job can provide a surprising number of benefits for your physical and mental health. The fact is, many of today's seniors are redefining what it means to be retired—by continuing to work. 

Also, more and more employers are starting to recognize that experienced and mature workers often have strengths that some younger workers lack. 

However, today's workplace requires knowledge of computer use. Employees are expected to manage their day-to-day roles on systems and this can sometimes be daunting for older workers. 

Nightingales Jobs 60+ is committed to connect Elderly job seekers with potential employers while also preparing elders to work again through digital literacy and soft skills training programs. 

So whether you are a retired person looking for a job, or an employer looking for an experienced person to join your team, you are at the right place. 

Welcome to Nightingales Jobs 60+ !!!


Elders successfully placed in suitable jobs


Senior Citizens completed
Computer Training


Elders completed
Smartphone Training


Senior Citizens provided training in Tally ERP 9

Are you a Senior Citizen looking for a job?

Submit your details to us. We will try to match your profile against available openings. This is completely free. We can also prepare you for today's workplace requirements. 

Are you looking for Job-Oriented Training Programs?

Do you feel that you are not equipped to work again? Get trained to use a computer, learn Tally, prepare to get a job in Data Entry or equip yourself with the soft skills required to work.

Are you a Senior Citizen looking for Digital Literacy Training?

Do you feel that there is no one to teach you to use your smartphone to book cabs, tickets, manage you bank account, transfer money or shop online? Join our Digital Literacy Programs.

Are you an employer looking for an experienced candidate?

There are many advantages to employing a Senior Citizen. Partner with us and help support the livelihood of experienced elders. This service is absolutely free.

Why Work After Retirement?

Financial Stability

90% of retired persons are not covered under government pension and have to rely on their savings.

Staying Active

Working can delay the onset of age-related diseases like dementia. Working also keeps you socially active and can provide a sense of purpose.

You have a lot to offer

Many employers may be looking for a person of your experience to fill in a full-time or a consultant role.

You have Responsibilities

A pressing financial situation or family healthcare needs may require for you to continue to earn an income. 

Jobs available...
  • Administration12
  • Data Entry22
  • Insurance    194
  • Supervisory31
  • Reception / Help Desk7
  • Accounts98
  • TOTAL364


NEF conducts Computer Training to help elders find jobs


Nightingales Jobs 60+ conducts training in soft skills for elders


Tally & GST Training at NEF for Senior Citizens

Tally ERP 9 &

Data Entry


NEF conducts Basic Computer Training for elders

Crash Course in
Smartphone use

Smartphone training for seniors at NEF

Smartphone Training

NEF conducts Basic Smartphone training at NEF

Advanced Smartphone Training

Why Hire Seniors?

They have good Work Ethics

Older workers tend to be more punctual, manage their time better and are more organised.

They are Experienced

Senior employees need minimal training and already come with experience.

They are Loyal

Since older workers are typically more satisfied with their jobs, they also tend to stay longer.

Cost less to the Company

Senior employees are not covered under PF and other statutory requirements, and thus cost less to the company.

Job Seekers on hand
  • Administration226
  • Data Entry18
  • Marketing  22
  • Supervisory247
  • Reception / Help Desk8
  • Accounts64
  • TOTAL585

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