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Nightingales Jobs 60+

One of the major problems faced by the elderly today is financial insecurity. About 88% of the aged in our country are not covered under any adequate social security scheme. Therefore, most of them are economically insecure and need to depend on their meagre savings or entirely on their children for sustenance.

In the absence of any such support, many of them suffer loss of independence and self dignity. But the truth is, many senior citizens of the age group 60-70 years are physically fit and are prepared to work and earn for their living. Training in basic computer and soft skills can help such elders cope up with the present day job requirements. Utilizing their skills and experience, the society would also be benefited. Unfortunately, our community is yet to recognize this as a social problem and come forward to provide opportunities for seniors to work and earn.

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Elders Seeking Jobs
Accounts - 53
Admin - 100
Engineer - 23
Teaching - 8
Logistics - 23
Marketing - 31
Quality - 8
Technician - 31
Cashier - 23
Security - 21
Supervisor - 31
Managerial - 13
Electrical - 17
Mechanical - 11
Seniors Registered - 445
Jobs Available For Elders
Cashier 20
Supervisor 18
Accounts 6
Admin 10
Clerical 4
Office Assistant 3
Building Supervisor 2
Security Supervisor 2
Total Vacancies - 55
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