After successfully training thousands elders in Computers and smartphones and enabling many more to begin a second career, we now lift our sights to empower senior citizens all over India to be digitally literate and to be able to stand on their own feet. 

Here is what we have in mind... Join hands with us and help us to help others...


National Job Portal
for Senior Citizens

In this technological age, there is no reason why we should be limited by geographical boundaries to reach out to needy elders all over our great nation, India. We dream to do just that as we create a Job Portal exclusively for elders. 

An elder being engaged with our staff about the Job Portal Showing how the job portal works to an elder

What we need...

> A robust web portal
> A team of volunteers
> Employers all over India

How you can help...

> Volunteer your time
> Give your expertise
> Choose to employ Senior Citizens
> Support the cause with your donations

Mobile Digital Literacy Program


Mobile Digital Literacy Programme

Senior Citizens in Bangalore are unable to commute to attend computer classes. Persons in semi-urban areas in and around Bangalore do not have centres in their access. We wish to create mobile digital literacy labs to take the training to them.

What we need...

> Vehicle restructured as a computer lab
> Equipment - Computers / Laptops, Projector
> ATM & POS machines for demo
> Partnering Organizations
> Committed Staff

How you can help...

> Contribute towards the cost of vehicle and equipments
> Give your expertise to help us design the programme
> Volunteer your time to help train elders
> Partner with us as an organization
> Join the team as a trainer or staff

Senior Citizens engaging with Employers at Job Fair Elders at our Job Fairs


Job Melas in other parts of India

We wish to have Job Fairs exclusively for Senior Citizens in different cities of Indias to enable job seekers to connect with employers willing to hire elders.

What we need...

> Partnering organizations
> Volunteers
> Employers willing to hire elders
> Financial Support

How you can help...

> Partner with us to organize a Job Fair for Seniors in your city
> Choose to hire Senior Citizens to your organization
> Donate your time and resources for this cause

Members from our Vocational Training Programs


Self Employment Programs for Seniors

We aim to help elders be self-reliant by training them on vocational tasks which they can continue to do at their homes. Nightingales Jobs 60+ will help them source the raw materials needed and sell the finished good for them.

What we need...

> Persons to provide vocational training
> Donors for raw materials and equipment
> Staff to market products and maintain inventory
> Vendors to purchase finished goods

How you can help...

> Volunteer your expertise in training elders
> Donate towards purchase of raw materials
> Join the team to work for the cause
> Purchase goods made by elders

Get in Touch

If you are moved to assist us in any of the above, or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Email: contact@nightingaleseldercare.com


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