By Mr Venkataraman

Ramalingam_Venkataraman I am glad to express my gratitude towards the Nightingales jobs 60 plus team, to have provided me an opportunity to secure a job at Wellfargo solutions. I want to appreciate them for their efforts and also encourage them to keep up the good work and continue to assist people who are above sixty in obtaining jobs.

By Balasubramanyam

I am grateful towards the Nightingales initiative to provide jobs for people who are above sixty years. I was placed as an accountant at M/S Abdul Kareem & Sons with the help of this program.

By JaveedHafeez

JaveedHafeezI would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Nightingale Jobs 60 plus placement cell for the excellent efforts and support being rendered to the senior citizens like me in terms of learning, development and placement opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to be placed in Wells Fargo India Solutions Private Limited Bangalore in the corporate risk team since January 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to specifically thank MrSelvan and Mrs Merciline as they have been the driving force in the placement sector. This small note is lauding the efforts of nightingales jobs sixty plus team for their conviction and determination towards the welfare of the senior citizens in ensuring not only a total economic empowerment but also a life of dignity and respect in the society.


The computer course organised by the NMT group has proved to be highly beneficial. It has given me something new to learn and gain knowledge about. It has also helped me grow both personally and professionally.


The course structure has been very well designed, properly structured and is methodical in nature to be understood by anybody. The time period of the course is apt as a month's time is required at the same time sufficient to understand and develop the necessary skill.


The one month computer course has proven to be instrumental in transforming me from a computer illiterate to a person who is well versed in the subject. The course material is extremely useful. My overall experience was satisfactory.


I found the course to be very short and sweet. It is easy to learn and practice and also very useful for senior citizens in day to day life.


The computer course offered by the NMT group is excellent. The usage of slides to explain the theory part of the course is highly effective and beneficial. Although it would be better if the course span is extended to 45 days instead of a month so that there is more time to practice the various things that are learnt.


The very concept of starting a course in computers for senior citizens is exceptional. The need to know about computers in our day to day lives has increased tremendously and the course has provided us with the knowledge that will make our usage of the computers easier and more beneficial.


I work in a spiritual organization named Brahma Kumari and my job requires me to keep in touch with several people for which I needed to learn how to effectively use the computer as it will be handy. The computer course that was conducted at the jobs sixty plus centre was highly beneficial. I extend my gratitude towardsRao sir and Rahul sir for their dedication and effective method of teaching.


Before joining the computer course I did have certain knowledge about how to use the computer. I acquired this knowledge throughout the course of my career. I had received training in "tally" - accounting software. Through this course I learnt a lot about the various aspects to basic software systems such as Ms. Word, Ms. Excel and PowerPoint. Also, I had the opportunity to make good friends and have a good time. Overall, I enjoyed my course and was also benefitted by it.


The computer classes were extremely beneficial and the faculty was very supportive and encouraging. I am now able to operate and use the computer independently. I thank the Nightingales team for having provided us senior citizens with this opportunity.


Initially I was apprehensive about joining as I was scared of my capability to learn something new at this age. But after having joined, my fear started fading away and I was able to grasp and learn a lot because of the efficient and patient faculty.

Mr. Ranganath

RanganathI'm a B.Com Graduate and worked with MICO for 35 years. In year 2002 I retired as an senior Manager (Sales) and wanted to work again. I learnt about Nightingales and its services through friends and media. I registered myself for the computer training, after completion I was placed with Kalpavruksha Credit Souharda Co-Op Ltd. as a Manager. Thanks to Nightingales !

Mr. Venugopal

I was an entrepreneur  of printing business for more than 20 years . Due to personal constrains was unable to continue my business and was in dire need of a job. I was more than willing to take up any sort of job available. I learnt about Nightingales from media and wanted to undergo computer training. Upon successful completion was placed with M/s Damask as stores manager. I'm grateful to Nightingales.

L. Basavraj, 60

“I joined the computer classes to learn computer and search for a new job”. I retired from a job in the transportation department of a software company."I left my job because I found it difficult to work for 12 or more hours per day,” But now I struggle to support myself financially. "I’m very much in need of a job for financial aid. “I have two sons, but I do not want to beg for money. I want to earn for my own expenses." 

For people like me, Nightingales organised a Job Mela only for elders. We had a great participation and I got a job in Indium Projects. Thanks to the organizers.

By V K Murthy..cell No.98455 35254

Respected Chairman & Committee members,

On behalf of Batch O7 of the Trg program of Computer skills for senior citizens, organized under the joint sponsorship of NMT and NEF we the participants express our deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation to the Organisation for the tremendous efforts to make this programme a lively one.

The venue of the course LAKSHMI COMPLEX is centrally located and connected to all parts of Bangalore thereby the participants could reach the Training Centre in time, economically using the Bus Services.

The Teaching Staff Mr.CJ Rao, a seasoned person, with a vast hinterland of knowledge coupled with an ocean of patience is ably assisted by Mr.Rahul, an Engineer by himself. These two people took pains to teach computer knowledge through writing on Board and demonstrating through projector and laptop. They made the Computer Lab very lively through their continued guidance and support. Their efforts are highly appreciable.

Ms. Premalatha, the Centre Manager of NMT/NEF at Lakshmi Complex, has very well coordinated the programme. Her involvement in just passed Diwali Festival in preparation of a large volume of Diyas with the concerted efforts of our batch members, is simply outstanding. Her efforts in mobilizing the men and material of the work is beyond description.

The periodic intervention of Mr.Satish, is a silver lining. His approach and intervention is very very appealing. He is a gentlemen personified!

Mr.Mike Shah, the Chairman NEF is a mercurial person and his presence on the dias is a thriller.

Coffee was provided free of cost to the participants in the morning. Added to this is another invaluable Manual on Computer Basic Skills for Senior Citizens, a compendium on computers with pictorial representation wherever necessary, is also provided to the participants, free of cost to serve as a guide after the end of this programme.

There is no element of EGO in any one of the office bearers in this organization and this itself is an example to others to emulate and this selfless sacrifice is admirable.

We have seen in practical classes the services of previous batch participants forthcoming.

We, the participants, retirees from every walk of life cherish the computer training programme, put it into best possible use for the betterment of our residual lives.

Lastly, we are beholden to the Herculean efforts of NMT and NEF in making available this training programme to us “FREE OF COST” and we wish to reciprocate our services to this organization in any manner and at any given point of time in the future.

Thank you,


Testimonial from Col Francis Xavier (Retired) - participant of 8th computer training batch conducted by Nightingales Jobs 60+ from 31 Dec 12 to 06 Dec 13

Respected Satish Sir,

M.Francis XavierIt is thoughtful and heartening to see the mail from your side. I, from my heart of heart, am pleased to see the bondage and association created by you in the name of NIGHTINGALES JOBS60+ which should prevail and go long and long.

Now, coming to the part of computer training at Job 60+. It was extremely helpful in becoming “Computer Literate”. As far as I am concerned, it was the right time for me to undergo the computer training at Job 60+. The course has given me the correct exposure at the right time to start my second innings. The course syllabus was so neatly arranged and was executed in a very student friendly manner. The senior instructor Mr.CJ Rao along with Mr Rahul.N, with so much patience and dedication, conducted the theory and practical classes which was rewarding and remarkable. The course has given me adequate knowledge to operate the computer and use it officially and personally. Now I am working in a company as AGM-Operations & Administration. In this company, all transactions are management information system and online sharing business. With the help of the knowledge obtained from the Computer training at Job 60+, I am able to stand confidently among my colleagues and perform the duties of Assistant General Manager. The computer training at job 60+ has elevated me to the required limit for my second innings. It is really a God's gift through a generous and elder caring human being. The benefit and the fruit of the computer training at 60+ should reach every capable elder person and flourish among elders.

I wish to share this testimony with everyone and especially thank you for giving this opportunity to share the same.

Thanks and regards.

M.Francis Xavier
Lt Col (Retd)
02 April 2013

Testimonial from Mr and Mrs Shyamsunder- participants of 9th computer training batch conducted by Nightingales Jobs 60+ from 22 February 2013 to 25 March 2013

Shyamsunder.JPGWishing you all a very happy Ugadi and new year. The tenth batch of computer course must be going good.

We both testify our knowledge about computer basics gained at NightingalesJobs60+ ninth batch recently concluded. Good infrastructure with forty computers for practice, sound faculty, strong administration and the positive learning attitude instilled the basics.

We wish the journey of Nightingales goes a long way in making more and more senior citizens to acquire this and become self confident and independent financially.

Shyamsunder and Sheela
12 April 2013

Testimonial of Mr Suresh Babu

M.Francis XavierFirst of all, with a full heart, I feel that the Nightingales Institution is doing an excellent job of providing all the care for elderly people by providing career support for elders who are of reasonably good health.

After seeing the advertisement in newspapers about the launch of job portal by Nightingales Jobs 60+, I visited the Jobs 60+ office and immediately could get employment.

What appealed to me is the extreme care and attention given to senior citizens while training them and discussing with them about jobs.

This I have personally witnessed and felt very grateful to the Nightingales Institution.

The second positive experience I had with Nightingales was regarding the issue of Senior citizen card which was quite hassle free.

I would like to specially mention that Sri Satish Srinivasan, who without any reservations, recommended me for a job at Ansal Krsna Apartments as Manager, with a simple interview which lasted just 10 minutes.

Dear Sri Satish - I am very grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to earn income and be supportive to my family.

H S Suresh Babu

30 Jun 2013

Testimonial from Joseph Britto participant of 13th computer training batch conducted by Nightingales Jobs 60+ at Kasturinagar from 24th August 2013 to 5th October 2013

Respected Sir,

M.Francis XavierOn behalf of the 13th batch I would like to express my gratitude to the association NIGHTINGALES JOBS60+.

The computer training at Job 60+ was extremely useful in helping us to know more about computers. Although some of us have had exposure to computers , this training has been extremely helpful in knowing a whole lot of new features which we were blissfully unaware.

Today knowing Computer operation is a MUST for everyone and lack of computer knowledge is as good as being labelled illiterate.

The course has given us exposure at the right time to boost our confidence level.

The course at the Nightingales Kasturinagar Centre was conducted in an extremely cordial atmosphere . The coordinators Mr. Kanchi Balaji ,Mr.C.J. Rao and Mr. Rahul N, went out of their way to help each and everyone. Their dedication was visible through their patience throughout the session.

The computer training at job 60+ has elevated us beyond our earlier limited horizons and help us in the 2nd innings of our lives. It is really God’s gift through generous and caring human beings that we have reaped this benefit.

We are grateful to Mr Mike Shah , Shri Kanchi Balaji, Shri C.J.Rao & Shri Rahul N. We pray that the fruits of the computer training at 60+ reach every elder.

Thank You

Best regards
Joseph Britto


Dileep Satya
Director - Indium Projects

Nightingales Jobs 60+ -  When I heard about the Project, It was a mixture of surprise and curiosity because we had never heard of or seen any 60 / 70 + Seniors applying for jobs and curiosity as we were not very sure if they would be able to take in the work pressure and also doubts on the workability of the concept of late age employment  working in our society.  My company initially looked at a temp role for the seniors. After a fortnight, when I was reviewing the dash boards, I was shocked by the quality of work done by the seniors.  It was both a eye opener and humbling experience as I was pleasantly surprised to see that in many instances they had moved ahead of the younger crowd (early 20s) in the organisation. We would like to thank Nightingales for coming up with such a noble and excellent concept, which will not only help in providing succur to the seniors in need of financial assistance, but also provide an opportunity to the elders to lead a responsible and dignified life. It goes without saying that we, the Corporates, benefit from the immense experience and professionalism these seniors bring to the table. 

Vineet Agarwal
Director - Damask

I would like to thank Nightingales for providing elders who work with sincerity and zeal. They are committed to the task entrusted and achieve results . Hope to keep this relationship going a long way.

Grama Keshava Ananthram
Omthara Kala Kuteera

Dear Noble Souls of Nightingales
Vishalahrudayananthu VASUDAIVA Kuntumbakam !
Noble People Consider the UNIVERSE as a Single Family!
Nightingale Practices this Vedic Adage!
Besides Providing at Home Medical Care to Seniors at their own Homes. You have thought it most important that the Senior Citizens need to be occupied usefully to feel Self Reliant ! Wonderful Idea that they are placed In various avocations wherever they feel like working!
You’ve found the right candidates for Our OMTHARA KALA KUTEERA!
My Appreciative Gratitudes to you! May Your Tribe increase!