Computer Training

Training The computer training aims to facilitate opportunity for elders to gain computer knowledge and to help them adapt to the present day job requirements. Selection of participants is done in consultation with senior citizen forums and local NGOs working for the welfare of senior citizens. Preference is given to non pensioned low income senior citizens who are looking for jobs to sustain themselves. 

The faculty includes Trainers, Training coordinator and a few volunteers and staff of Nightingales Medical Trust. The Trainers have an excellent academic background as well as experience in teaching senior citizens. Innovative approach is adopted to train elderly in computers. The 30 days training includes both theory and practical. The Training program includes - Fundamentals of Computers, Parts of Computers, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet and Emailing. 

Seminars on Communication Skills are organized as a part of the training program. 

Certificates are awarded to the participants on completion of training.

If you are interested to undergo training in computer skills, please click here.